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About Robin Palmer

robin-palmer-newSerial Inventor/Founder/CEO Robin Palmer starred on Broadway as Robin Boudreau,playing Linda Ronstadt’s sister in “The Pirates of Penzance,” co-starring with David Cassidy in “Joseph…” and singing “Memory” in “CATS.”

Licensed by Audible (Amazon), Robin invented My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages and My Good Night Messages™,100 hours of patented digital content with the Dalai Lama & other experts who bookend every day inspired to live your dreams instead of in a state of alarm or with “violent programming.” (Apps, Mp3s) http://MyWakeUPCalls.com

Robin’s newest invention, Flyte Bike™, is the planet’s first portable pedals device. It’s 2 ½ pounds, folds flat, travels in its own case and secures to your seat, so you can pedal anywhere – at work, home, even on long flights. http://FlyteBike.com

Producer of her two original song albums and a speaker, Robin is a passionate animal rights advocate and Boys and Girls Clubs Board member.

As featured in SHAPE, SELF, Oxygen, Woman’s World, USA Today, on Fox TV, NBC TV & TEDx.

Robin (Boudreau) Palmer in The Pirates of Penzance, in the arms of Kevin Kline

Robin (Boudreau) Palmer in The Pirates of Penzance, in the arms of Kevin Kline

Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Grizabella in CATS.

Grizabella in CATS.

My Successables, Inc.

robin_studiorobin_and_faith My Successables, Inc. was founded by owner Robin Palmer. My Successables designs and develops audio and visual products that help people achieve their goals and dreams. My Wake Up Call®, My Visual Valet™ and My Remember-Ring™ enable people to succeed at their goals through increased personal effectiveness and productivity. Robin lives in Southern CA.


hope-and-faithAfter her initial success with My Workout Wake UP Call®, Robin discovered that people needed help achieving their goals and dreams in other areas of their lives. She found research showing that the mindset with which you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Robin also, made another brilliant observation. She noticed that most people waste an opportunity to get set for success during the first first five minutes of each day when they wake up to annoying buzzers or alarming news on the radio. Its like hearing “Someone just got murdered”; now get out there and prosper!

So, My Wake UP Call® Messages have been designed to wake people up positively! Each morning, you start your day with patented, five-minute, motivating messages.

Robin has partnered with well-known wellness and motivational experts like Debra Poneman, Marci ShimoffMary MorrisseyJanet AttwoodDr. Judith OrloffVictoria Moran and others to create each month of messages. Now there are 15 product lines to choose from, including— messages that help you to wake up with a successful mindsetwake up and work outlose weight for liferelieve stressfeel well or wake up to love in your life.

Customers report that My Wake UP Call® has changed their lives. They not only wake up with My Wake UP Call® messages, they also listen to them anytime they need a boost during the day.

My Wake UP Call is... BRILLIANT!
Dr. Oz
I love this wake up call product!It is such a great idea! This wonderful product helps people wake up and puts them in a beautiful mindset. This is a very powerful tool to make the law of attraction work at an accelerated rate.

Jack Canfield
Author of #1 Best Selling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul

Make the most of the most important five minutes of your day!

Enjoy the good nights sleep that you deserve!

Research shows that our minds are the most open and receptive during the first and last five minutes of the day, while in Alpha state.

Wake UP to the Life of Your Dreams with My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages!

What a wonderful way to start your day!

Start and End Every Day Inspired to Live the Life of Your Dreams with My Wake UP Calls® and My Good Night Messages™!