Bob Barker gave a GREAT speech at the MERCY FOR ANIMALS Gala in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday! What an amazing person! He has been taking a stand against animal cruelty for 35 years!

Have you ever seen the movie, “Food, Inc?” It will turn any human being with a conscience into a vegetarian or a vegan! The brave souls with MERCY FOR ANIMALS work undercover to expose the unimaginable cruelty to pigs, chickens, cows and turkeys that continues every day in the name of feeding Americans, who don’t know how their food has been abused to death, before it is served to them in the supermarkets across the country.

It happened for me about three years ago. I was reading Quantum Wellness by author, Kathy Freston. All of a sudden, without any warning, there it was. The despicable secret was described in the pages of Kathy Freston’s book on wellness. I started sobbing, as I read a few of the gruesome, heartbreaking details of the barbaric daily cruelties that are levied to the innocent animals in the animal factories of America. I had no idea! I honestly started praying to God, “Please forgive me. I didn’t know that I was part of this malevolent machine. Please forgive me.” And since that day, I have been a vegetarian and I am leaning into being a full-time vegan. Thank you, Kathy Freston, for sharing your Quantum Wellness with the rest of us!

Robin Palmer
Creator of My Wake Up Call
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