We spent the day at the L.A. Times Festival of Books yesterday. It is a wonderful annual event, with a lot to offer for the entire family.

A real highlight was attending Carol Burnett’s interview about her new autobiography, “This Time Together.” My husband and I arrived right on time. The event was sold-out, and the ballroom was packed. I brought a marketing kit about MY WAKE UP CALL® Motivational Alarm Clock™ to give to Ms. Burnett, and was praying I would be able to hand it to her. We would love to hire her to record a month of motivatonal messages!
Her interview, which lasted an hour, was wonderful. When she took her last question, I calmly walked up to her from the back of the room, past the hundreds of onlookers, security and Festival volunteers, and handed Ms. Burnett the marketing kit, right before they her whisked away. It felt like choreography!
Carol Burnett shared some very powerful, open-hearted words of wisdom. An audience member asked for advice about recovering from the recent loss of her daughter. Ms Burnett replied that you never really get over losing a child. She told her, “Keep her in your heart, and she’ll be there forever. God bless.”
God bless you back, Ms. Burnett! I just tugged on my ear to you! 🙂

I look forward to connecting with Ms. Burnett about recording MY WAKE UP CALL®  Motivational Alarm Clock messages!
Robin Palmer
My Successables, Inc.
Creator of MY WAKE UP CALL® 
Motivational Alarm Clock & Messages