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My Workout Wake UP Call

This is one of the daily tips from My Workout Wake UP Call Motivational Alarm Clock messages. Enjoy!

Dr. Oz says that stretching in bed is the best thing you can do for your body when you wake up every morning. Here’s a stretch you can do before you get out of bed:While lying on your back, hug your knees up to your chest and then bring the soles of your feet together, holding your feet with your hands. Gently let your knees open out to the sides. Inhale slowly for three counts. And exhale slowly for three counts, gently increasing the stretch. You may use your elbows to press against your knees, for an even greater stretch, if you’d like. Again, inhale slowly for three counts and exhale slowly for three counts. And once more, inhale for three counts and exhale for three counts.

Ahhhh! That feels good!  ????

There are great benefits to stretching in bed in the morning. Stretching loosens up your body and unlocks any joints that may have tightened up during the night. It also gently warms up your body, so you can wake up and work out more easily. Research shows that you have a much better chance of actually working out before your schedule kicks in for the day. Your metabolism benefits the most when you boost it at the beginning of your day, instead of in the evening. And, for some people, exercising in the evening interferes with their sleep cycle.

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