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$240 Value
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My Healthy Wealthy and Wise Wake UP Call Messages

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$240 Value
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My Wake UP Call is... BRILLIANT!
Dr. Oz
I love this wake up call product!It is such a great idea! This wonderful product helps people wake up and puts them in a beautiful mindset. This is a very powerful tool to make the law of attraction work at an accelerated rate.

Jack Canfield
Author of #1 Best Selling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul

Month 1: My Discover the Gift Wake UP Call

Wake UP to your gifts with HH the Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, Mary Morrissey, Janet Attwood, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Discover the Gift’s co-creators Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichtenstein, and many others!

Month 2: My Workout Wake UP Call®

Daily messages from former Broadway Star and Personal Trainer, Robin (Boudreau) Palmer, who motivates you to Wake UP and Workout!

Month 3: My Money Wake UP Call

Wake UP with a Money Manifesting Mindset with master attractor Dr. Joe Vitale.

Month 4: My Wake UP Call to Success

Wake UP to Success with Yes to Success founder, best-selling author and speaker, yours truly!

Month 5: My Weight Loss for Life Wake UP Call®

Weigh Less for Life with best-selling author, two-time Oprah Show guest and coach Victoria Moran, who shares her own success tips for weighing less for life.

Month 6: My Wisdom Wake UP Call®

Wake UP Inspired with thought leader, Mary Morrissey’s uplifting words of wisdom.

Month 7: My Wake UP Call to Love

Wake up to love with Marci Shimoff, #1 best-selling author of Happy for No ReasonLove for No Reason, six Chicken Soup for the Soul books, & featured in The Secret.

Month 8: My Wake UP Call to Passion

Awaken to your Passion with Janet Attwood, co-author of the bestseller, The Passion Test, and expert in living a passionate life.

Month 9: My Powerthoughts Wake UP Call

Power UP your mornings with former longtime Senior Producer of Oprah Radio, John St. Augustine.

Month 10: My Wealthy Wake UP Call®

Awaken to your prosperity with messages from life coach and best-selling author, Mat Boggs, and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.

Month 11: My Wellness Wake UP Call®

Wake UP & Meditate™, relieve stress and feel well with healing meditations and visualizations from health practitioner, Jennifer Jimenez.

Month 12: My Emotional Freedom Wake UP Call

Let go of negativity and live emotionally free with well-known physician, author and speaker, Dr. Judith Orloff.


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