Hope and Faith Palmer are our beloved nine-year-old Maltese dogs. I have become the kind of devoutly passionate dog and animal lover that I used to judge, – “How can you love your animals that much?! What about your children?!”

Our dogs, Hope and Faith, (both of their middle names are Charity), light up my heart every day and remind me what matters.

One day last winter, seemingly out of nowhere, we noticed a very large bulge in the back of Faith’s neck. And just as suddenly, every time she tried to walk, she immediately fell over onto her side, helpless to get back up again.

I responded with the predictability of Pavlov’s dog. Every time I saw Faith lying there helpless, unable to get back up, my eyes would well up with tears. I’d pick her up, and pray for a miracle.

My husband and I took her to our veterinarian, one of the most patient and positive physicians I have ever met. Whenever I had brought Hope and Faith to her with a hurt hip or food allergies, she had always calmed and reassured me with her smiling demeanor and holistic remedies.

Not this time. Usually upbeat and chatty, our vet examined Faith’s large hump in utter silence. She asked if we could take Faith to the hallway behind the examination room to watch Faith walk. Our vet stood at one end of the hallway and asked us to walk towards her. Faith tried to take a step towards the good doctor, and fell over on her side. I carried my crippled dog back to the examination room.

Our vet closed the door and handed me a box of tissues. She said she believed that Faith had a herniated disk, which was blocking her mobility, and recommended surgery. She suggested that we get a second opinion from a specialist, and referred us to a leading animal neurologist in Los Angeles.

When we arrived at the specialist’s office the following day, she asked if she could borrow Faith for some tests, and said they would return shortly. Faith fixed her on me as she disappeared down the hallway in the arms of this stranger.

I prayed and paced. Tom sat, trying to appear calm, holding onto Hope in his lap. When they returned, the neurologist stoically remarked, “Faith has a very sweet demeanor,” and then launched into her recommendation for surgery.

With only a 50% success rate, Faith would also have to be sedated and motionless in a small pen to recuperate from the surgery for six-weeks. When I asked the specialist about Faith’s quality of life during her recuperation weeks, she responded that, if the surgery worked, Faith would have a better quality of life once she fully recovered from it…as long as it worked.

All I could hear was that still small voice inside of me screaming at the top of its lungs, “No! Just say no! Dear God, there must be a better way!”

I begged. I bargained. I Googled. Determined to find a humane healing for Faith, I schlepped her to an animal acupuncturist and a pet masseur, without any noticeable results.

Months earlier, I had joined Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, and Debra Poneman, my friends and the author-narrators of My Wake UP Call to Love, My Wake UP Call to Passion, and My Wake UP Call to Success Motivational Alarm Clock Messages, at a Pranic Healing weekend workshop in Los Angeles. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. Pranic Healing practitioners learn to send healing energy through their hands with their unique no-touch healing modality.

Having personally experienced its healing benefits, I decided to ask two local Pranic Healers, Ellen and Ray Morano, if they thought they could heal a dog. They responded, “Absolutely. Pranic Healing works with all living beings.”

I brought Faith to one of the free weekly Pranic Healing clinics in the Los Angeles area. Ray suggested that I sit down and hold Faith in my lap. He said a silent prayer and began holding his hands a few inches above Faith’s bulging vertebrae. After several minutes, he said, “The lump is gone! “ I asked incredulously. “The lump is gone?!”

Ray responded matter-of-factly, as though he was not describing a modern day miracle, “Yes, the lump is gone.”

Wow! Ray was right! The lump was completely gone! Ray suggested that I put Faith on the floor to let her walk. I lifted her from my lap, put her on the floor, and watch her scamper away, as if her neurological nightmare had just been a bad dream.

Three months later in Santa Monica, a Pit-bull mix ran out of nearby apartment and grabbed Faith at the nape of her neck, and started shaking her like a rag doll. I’ve since learned that this is how they render their victims helpless, by first breaking their necks.

I started shrieking somewhat incoherently, “Jesus, please help us!! Jesus!! Help!!” The Pit-bull owner came running out, and pried open the dog’s mouth, with the help of my husband. Faith landed on the ground, shaking like a leaf.

But, miraculously, her neck had not been broken by the Pit-bull! Faith shook for two straight days. She had two black and blue marks – and that was it! I kept feeling that Pranic Healing had somehow super fortified her neck three months earlier!

Now, Faith only has only side effect from the Pit-bull attack. Every time she first meets a large dog, she barks defensively, as if to say, “Don’t you dare mess with me!”

For the record, I am not affiliated with Pranic Healing. I am, however, wholeheartedly grateful for Faith’s miraculous healing, and believe in paying it forward by sharing it with you.