Jennifer Jimenez was OUTSTANDING yesterday on MY WAKE UP CALL Inspirational Interview Conference Call, Hosted by John St. Augustine! Thank you, Jennifer!!
I learned some valuable wellness tips, which are posted at
10 Tips to Wake Up Feeling Well!
1. Limber Up
2. Laugh
3. Move
4. Meditate
5. Be Grateful
6. Hydrate yourself
7. Gather your energy
8. Let in the light
9. Affirm yourself
10. Awaken to pleasant sounds
Healing Energy
Abundant healing energy fills my entire being and heals me from head to toe. The more I allow
healing energy into my life the better I feel – the more energy I have, the more I enjoy my life, and
the more I attract positive energy to me. I love myself, I love my body and I Iove my life!
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