MY DREAM IS TO HELP MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO START EACH DAY POSITIVELY! I became an entrepreneur three years ago. Wow! What a learning curve! Sometimes I feel like I am training for a marathon, in slow motion, while learning to speak Swahili! I performed leading roles in Broadway Musicals for fifteen years. Some favorites include playing Linda Ronstadt%u2019s little sister in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE with Kevin Kline, co-starring opposite David Cassidy in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, and singing MEMORY in CATS. Four years ago, with a family and a typical, hectic lifestyle, I kept wishing for an affordable personal trainer to motivate me to wake up and work out each morning, before the day%u2019s schedule started. The trainer had to say something different every day, and had to be someone whom my husband would not mind being in our bedroom with us when we woke up in the morning! Necessity is the mother of invention! I created MY WAKE UP CALL Motivational Alarm Clock Messages which awakens listeners each morning with positive, five-minute motivating messages instead of an annoying buzzer or the often alarming news on the radio! Each month of messages is downloadable for your iPhone, Smartphone or iPod, or on CDs, or is included Free with MY WAKE UP CALL iPod or CD Alarm Clocks. MY WAKE UP CALL also has a free iPhone App. MY WAKE UP CALL has been featured in SHAPE, SELF, Oxygen, Woman%u2019s World, ADDitude, Experience Life Magazine, on NBC TV and Fox News. We are honored that Maria Shriver recently chose MY WAKE UP CALL Motivational Alarm Clocks for the VIP gift bags at The Women%u2019s Conference! I am envisioning successfully partnering with a wonderful business partner, and helping millions of people to wake up with our positive, motivating messages each morning! I AM A CONFIDENT, SUCCESSFUL, JOYOUS ENTREPRENEUR! I DONATE $3.5 MILLION DOLLARS TO ANIMAL PROTECTION ORGANIZATIONS BY DECEMBER 25, 2013!