Video of Debra Poneman Recording One of My Wake UP Call to Success Messages -About Her Son

Enjoy this inspiring video of Debra Poneman recording My Wake UP Call® to Success Motivational Alarm Clock Messages!

Debra is the founder of Yes to Success, and a best-selling author and speaker. In this message, Debra shares, “…one of the greatest principles to live by in creating a successful life is to always remember the sacredness of every human being. The respect with which we treat a revered teacher we need to treat the guy who takes our order at the drive through and the woman who cleans our hotel room. The love that we extend to someone we revere we need to extend to our neighbors, our spouse, our kids, and even the person who took our parking space…My favorite quote is, ‘If you cannot see God in the next person you meet, you need look no further.’ If you can live this one principle, your life can be a glorious success.” Debra says that her children are her role models for this principle.

She shares the story of her son’s class trip when he was in the eighth grade. Daniel had volunteered to room with a classmate who has Autism and his personal aide, instead of rooming with his best friends. Daniel told Debra that he wanted to make sure that his classmate felt included and part of the group, instead of feeling left out and alone.
‘Like mother, like son!That’s what I know! 🙂

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