Do you put your self-care and fitness at the end of your to-do list?
Do you ever tell yourself you will try to get in a workout later, and end the day not having fit in your fitness?

So did I! I invented My Workout Wake UP Call® Messages because I needed them myself. Thankfully, they’ve worked for me…and for our customers!

Studies show that you have a much better chance to fit in your fitness if you exercise first thing in the morning, before your schedule starts. You also maximize your results, because you speed up your metabolism for the day.

My Workout Wake Up Call Motivational Alarm Clock Messages are patented, daily 5-minute motivating messages from a personal trainer, who helps you to wake up and work out, first thing in the morning, when it matters the most. Wake up your body each morning with gentle guided stretches in bed, exercise tips of the day, music to get dressed by and a standing ovation!

Dr. Oz called me to tell me, “My Wake UP Call® is brilliant!” He said that gently stretching your body before you get out of bed in the morning is one of the best gifts you can give yourself!

My Workout Wake UP Call messages have not just changed my life. Our customers tell us they have changed their lives, too! Cary M. wrote, “Thank you for motivating me to workout when I wake up in the morning, or when I get home from work. My Workout Wake UP Call messages silence the debate club in my head, and get me ready and willing to workout – right from my phone! I feel better and I can fit into my skinny jeans!”

Enjoy waking UP and working out!
Robin B. Palmer
President; My Successables Inc.
Inventor; My Wake UP Call®
Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages

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